From Iceland — Vast Majority Of Icelanders Distrust Government

Vast Majority Of Icelanders Distrust Government

Published August 18, 2011

Most Icelanders do not believe the government is working for their best interests – nor do they believe the opposition would do much better – according to a new poll from Market and Media Research.
According to the poll, about two-thirds of respondents believe the government favours the interests of banks over the interests of households. Only 12.4% said they think the government is working with the public interest as a top priority. This is down from 15.8% last year.
At the same time, while 67.1% are either rather in agreement or totally agreement with the statement that the government looks out for banks more than families, this is down from 70.8% last year.
Despite this, very few believe the opposition parties of the Conservatives, the Progressives, or the Movement would do much better – only 32.7% said as much, although that figure is up from 29.3% last year.
831 people between the ages of 18 and 67 took part in the poll.

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