From Iceland — Refused To Pay Speeding Ticket Due To Icesave

Refused To Pay Speeding Ticket Due To Icesave

Published July 29, 2011

A traffic cop in the countryside was met with an unusual counterargument when he pulled over a tourist for speeding.
The temptation to speed when out in the countryside can prove too great for some tourists, and if they get pulled over, police often ask them to pay the fine on the spot, rather than have an invoice mailed to their home.
Eyjan reports that police in Blönduós pulled over a driver who was travelling at about 116 km/h. The driver who was pulled over in this instance was from Holland; a point he made clear to the police when he refused to pay the speeding fine, contending that he had had money in Icesave before the bank collapse.
Police explained that his speeding had nothing to do with international finance law nor any bad blood between Iceland and Holland. Eventually, the man agreed to pay his fine, and was sent on his way.
The Grapevine cautions its readers not to speed in the countryside, and not just because you may find yourself having to pay a substantial sum of money on the spot if you get pulled over, but also because it happens to be very dangerous. That, and our police are apparently not swayed by stories of money lost in Icesave.

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