From Iceland — Backlash Against Eve Online Reaches Boiling Point

Backlash Against Eve Online Reaches Boiling Point

Published June 30, 2011

Customer dissatisfaction with Eve Online has reached such levels that thousands could cancel their subscriptions, potentially costing the company up to $1 million in losses. The company says it will make a statement after the weekend.
In recent days, leaked documents have revealed that CCP Games, the company that runs Eve Online, is planning to charge customers real money for in-game items. CCP Games has confirmed that the documents are real.
Many customers are worried that charging real money for in-game items will give players who have more money an unfair advantage over otherwise good players who simply can’t afford the items. They have also pointed out that subscribers already pay high fees for their accounts, and for merchandise. The backlash has snowballed into over 5,000 subscribers now pledging to cancel their subscriptions.
Sentiments across the gaming community have been almost unanimously against the proposed changes. Eurogamer writes: “Players already shocked by the $70 cost of an avatar accessory were left reeling by the proposals to extend micro-transactions beyond vanity items – to ships and ammunition, for example – as well as the apparent intent to squeeze Eve players to fund CCP’s other projects.”
Popular gaming site Joystiq, in an article called “The day that Eve Online died”, writes: “Microtransactions not affecting gameplay has become a core concept that has been accepted across the MMO industry as a safe option. When it became known that the company was discussing gameplay-affecting ships, ammo, and standings for cash in spite of a previous agreement not to implement those features, players did not react positively.”
Grapevine contacted CCP Games for a statement, and were told that the company will respond to these concerns after the weekend. For the time being, Eve Online subscribers will have to wait to see what CCP has to say.

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