From Iceland — Slim Majority Believe Iceland On The Wrong Track; Optimism Growing

Slim Majority Believe Iceland On The Wrong Track; Optimism Growing

Published May 25, 2011

While more than half of those polled in a recent survey believe Iceland is headed in the wrong direction, optimism about the future of the country is growing.
Eyjan reports that according to the results of a survey conducted by the polling company Miðlun last April, 53% of Icelanders believe their country is taking a turn for the worse, while 47% believe the contrary.
This almost evenly divided outlook, when compared to past data, shows a growing optimism in the country: in February, 60% believed the country was on the wrong track, and 40% were optimistic about Iceland’s future. In March, those figures were 70% to 30%.
Broken down demographically, the country’s oldest (50 – 75) and youngest (18 – 34) seem to be the most optimistic about their country’s future, with 53% of the former and 47% of the latter saying Iceland is headed in the right direction. Those aged 35 to 49 were the least optimistic, with only 38% seeing the country improving itself.
Education also seemed to play a factor. 54% of university graduates saw Iceland’s future in a positive light, compared to 44% of secondary school graduates and 40% of primary school graduates.

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