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Icelandic Movie Well Received At Cannes

Published May 16, 2011

An Icelandic film apparently received a warm reception at the Cannes Film Festival, despite the nervousness of the director.
The film in question, Eldfjall, is the story of Hannes, a 67-year-old man who has reached retirement. Separated from his family and home, he finds himself having to take on a new role in life. Director Rúnar Rúnarsso described the film as “a growing-up story of a man who has to choose between the past and the difficulties of the present in order to have a chance at the future.”
RÚV reports that the movie was met with an enthusiastic response from the audience. They cite the Danish newspaper Politiken, a reporter for whom met Rúnar outside the Hotel Marriott just before his movie was going to be shown, chain-smoking. Rúnar told the journalist that he had no intention of being present during the screening, and would instead get some dinner. However, Rúnar was later welcomed with prolonged applause at the beginning of a press conference held after the screening.
Although this is Rúnar’s first feature-length film, since graduating from The National Film School of Denmark in 2009, his short films Smáfuglar, Anna and Síðasti bærinn have received international attention and acclaim.

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