From Iceland — Mayor's Film Plays At Tribeca

Mayor’s Film Plays At Tribeca

Published April 26, 2011

The documentary on Reykjavík mayor Jón Gnarr’s political campaign, “Gnarr”, is being shown at the Tribeca Film Festival, and Reuters caught up him to get his thoughts on the driving philosophy behind the film.
“People want more reality in politics. Our policy has been to not have a policy, to mock the emptiness of contemporary politics because they are so hollow and meaningless,” Gnarr told Reuters in an interview. “People want more honesty.”
Gnarr told reporters that politics had become too distant from the public at large. “Politics has developed into a kind of subculture, they even develop their own language and that is universal that people have stopped understanding politicians and they have no idea what they are talking about.”
City hall in Iceland is not apparently as corrupt as the city hall depicted on one of his favourite TV series, The Wire. “It’s less corrupt than I imagined but it is more a world of fear than I thought. In general, politicians are no different from any other people. I wouldn’t say they are corrupt, but they are very lost.”
The full article can be read here.

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