From Iceland — Mystery Of Bus Tarantula Continues

Mystery Of Bus Tarantula Continues

Published March 29, 2011

No one knows how a tarantula ended up on a city bus over the weekend, but the director of the bus company finds the matter both confusing and scary.
As reported, a young man found a living tarantula on a city bus seat last weekend. Rather than harm the creature, the man scooped up the tarantula into a plastic box used for take-away food and brought it home with him, where it died shortly thereafter.
Reynir Jónsson, the director of the bus company Strætó, told DV, “All the drivers have been spoken to. They all know the story and no one knows who this happened to,” saying that no driver recalls such an event taking place on their bus.
Furthermore, the director questioned the young man’s version of events. “Our people have also spoken to this man, but the times he gives for what happened when, they cannot be confirmed. He talks about having taken the bus at a certain time from [the city bus terminal] Hlemmur but there’s no #6 at that time.”
Reynir adds, “Put yourself in the position of the other passengers. You sit down and see a tarantula, so you put it in a plastic box, punch some holes in it and show the driver? I’d be terrified of such a thing, as I expect most people would be. And what is someone doing with an empty plastic box?”
He finds it unlikely that a tarantula was found on a city bus. The young man maintains his story his true, however, and Reynir did not offer a motivation for someone to make up such a story, either.

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