From Iceland — Magazine Ordered Not To Print News On Landsbanki

Magazine Ordered Not To Print News On Landsbanki

Published March 23, 2011

The sheriff’s office of Reykjavík has put a gag order on the magazine DV over news they intended to report on a company owned by Landsbanki. The editor has expressed outrage over the order and vows to fight it.
Eyjan reports that DV received sensitive documents regarding the investment company Horn, which is a daughter company of Landsbanki. The sherrif’s office issued a gag order on printing any news based on these documents, as they contend they are “sensitive and confidential files on a personal matter.” The magazine has been ordered to surrender the documents to the sheriff’s office by noon today.
The editorial office of DV, it seems, will not be following this order.
“This ruling is out of the question in light of the fact that these documents could jeopardise DV’s sources,” a statement from the office reads in part. “The aforementioned documents will not be turned in.”
DV than proceeded to criticise Landsbanki for pressuring the media in this manner. “Either the spokespeople for Landsbanki have not heard the demands of both parliament and the general public for transparent business, or they have chosen to ignore them.”
The statement points the business practices of the bank, citing both the salary rises top management gave themselves even after the bank crash, and the voracity with which the bank has pursued home foreclosures. They add furthermore that transparent business, and protecting sources, are crucial parts not just of journalism but a healthy society.
“DV will never bow to such threats,” the statement concludes. “DV serves only its readers and its subscribers. The public has every right to information on such an important matter as the practices of banks in business with some of the country’s largest companies. Banks might be slow to learn from the collapse, but the media and the public most certainly will. The editorial office of DV will fight against the injustice it faces.”

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