From Iceland — Mayor Intends To Vote Yes On Icesave

Mayor Intends To Vote Yes On Icesave

Published March 16, 2011

Reykjavík mayor Jón Gnarr says he intends to vote Yes on the upcoming Icesave referendum, mostly because he has grown bored of the discussion.
The mayor is currently in Austria, promoting a documentary on the Best Party. In an interview with Austrian news service APA, RÚV reports, Gnarr spoke for a while about Icesave.
The mayor began by saying that a No vote on the Icesave referendum could lead to the parliamentary ruling coalition falling apart, and may jeopardise Iceland’s accession into the European Union.
Speaking personally, Gnarr said he intends to vote Yes on the referendum, simultaneously admitting that he knows absolutely nothing about the agreement and that he will be casting his vote in favour of it anyway because the Icesave discussion has bored him.
Gnarr also shared his thoughts on the economy. He said that while he did not know if most Icelanders wanted to join the EU, he did believe most want to take up the euro, as the Icelandic crown as now “Mickey Mouse currency”. He added that he would personally like to see Iceland take up the American dollar instead, as Iceland does not need to join the United States to adopt the currency.

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