From Iceland — Possible Lamb Shortage This Summer

Possible Lamb Shortage This Summer

Published March 10, 2011

A combination of factors could lead to a shortage of lamb meat in a country where sheep outnumber people almost two to one.
Eyjan reports that the state of the Icelandic crown means that Icelandic sheep farmers have never gotten as good a deal selling meat on the global market as they do now. Many farmers and slaughterers took advantage of this opportunity last fall, and have profited well from it.
This has led to a sharp increase in the exporting of Icelandic lamb, which has reached the point that there is a very real possibility of a lamb meat shortage in Iceland this summer.
The situation is as such already that two slaughterers that Morgunblaðið spoke with said it was not unlikely that lamb chops would be the first to clear out, but added that there are still more than enough legs of lamb.
The new slaughter will not be held before the beginning of September. Not saying you should rush to the shops now and buy up all the lamb meat you can carry, but it might be a good idea to pick up a couple bags of chops for the freezer now, just in case.

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