From Iceland — Intends To Cross Iceland By Snowkite

Intends To Cross Iceland By Snowkite

Published March 9, 2011

One adventurous visitor to Iceland intends to cross the country by snowkite, and is documenting the adventure on film.
Vísir reports that Jerome Josserand intends to cross the country by snowkite tomorrow. Josserand is a professional snowkiter, who once broke the world record for a single jump at the sport, covering 450 metres in a single leap.
Planning to travel from the north to the south, Josserand will need to cross some dangerous territory, including the always volatile and unpredictable Highlands.
“After a year of preparations, I know that I am ready, body and soul, to cross the terrifying Icelandic Highlands,” he told Vísir in part.
Below is the trailer of the film he intends to make about the event. Watch, enjoy, and be glad you’re not in the same situation (or envy it, if you’re into that sort of thing).

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