From Iceland — New Garbage Bin Rules, Icelanders For Icesave, DV Is Dreamy

New Garbage Bin Rules, Icelanders For Icesave, DV Is Dreamy

Published February 25, 2011

Today is February 25, 2011. On the front page of Morgunblaðið, a city employee is seen measuring the distance from the road to a garbage bin. “Measurements have begun,” in preparation for April 1, after which time people in Reykjavík will be required to put their bins within 15 meters of the road if they want their trash collected. Otherwise, it will be possible to pay extra to have the collectors go the extra meters.
“A re-election was thought to be the only option,” according to a memo brought to the Committee on the Constitutional Assembly. Some lawyers don’t think it’s right that the 25 victors of the nullified elections simply be appointed to serve on an assembly.
“Lesbians are required to fill out applications as males,” when applying to the Directorate of Labour for a second ‘maternity leave.’ In Iceland both parents get leave after having a baby, but the law apparently does not account for same sex partners having babies.
“The overdue affidavit arrived in court yesterday,” from Pálmi Haraldsson of Glitnir. He thereby acknowledges that his assets in the United States are now fair game. And “[f]ood prices are expected to remain high” as prices for raw materials remain high due to a decreased demand due to the generally depressed state of the economy.
Moving to the front page of Fréttablaðið, “About 60% say yes to Icesave,” meaning that a majority of Icelanders plan vote to approve the Icesave deal in the upcoming referendum, according to a poll conducted by Fréttablaðið and Stöð 2 (TV channel number 2).
The main photo features the heavy metal band “Skálmöld at Tjarnarbíó,” who played a show (belted out Viking stories) to celebrate the release of their new album, Baldur.
“Árbót [treatment clinic] didn’t deserve benefits,” according to the Auditor General who says MPs and ministers should not meddle in issues like this one. The owners of the clinic were granted 30 million ISK in support.
Lastly, Fréttablaðið reports, “Changes at State Television: The still image bids adieu in March” (whyyy??). Director of Broadcasting Sigrún Stefánsdóttir says she hopes the nation will agree with her that they have had the still image too long (…noooo!). They haven’t decided what to replace it with, but the idea is to increase TV programming (…I hate change!).
Oh, and the weather today: Chilly.
Wrapping up the front page news with DV, “Björg Ásdísdóttir, Thelma’s sister: Apologized to the kids for the violence.” She says she grew up with an abusive father and in turn abused her kids (why don’t people listen to more John Mayer?).
Someone “dreamed about Jón Gnarr” (not creepy) and joined the Best Party (maybe it’s the Best Party’s new inception campaign). Friðrik Weisshappel “was broke but still followed his dreams” of opening Laundromat Café. There’s a guide to “Dream Confirmation gifts,” inside (what’s with the dream theme?).
Someone else “got rid of stress IMMEDIATELY!” A really cute puppy “chewed some fireworks and died” (sad, sad, sad). And, a “lost girl” admits to “sleeping with this guy and that guy.” This is more about those young girls that DV reported were lost in a neighbour’s crack house (in Iceland, really?).

This is a daily roundup of the news that made it on the front page of Iceland’s newspapers. That is, the two most widely read dailys, Morgunblaðið and Fréttablaðið, and the popular tabloid, DV, which comes out four times per week.

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