From Iceland — 40% Of Icelanders Want Government To Appoint Constitutional Committee

40% Of Icelanders Want Government To Appoint Constitutional Committee

Published February 14, 2011

40% of those responding to a Gallup poll on the matter would like to see the government appoint a constitutional committee to draft a new constitution.
As has been reported, the Supreme Court last month ruled that the elections for the constitutional assembly were invalid. Three separate complaints filed with the Supreme Court showed evidence that multiple election laws had been broken.
The ruling has been controversial, as some have alleged that objections to the constitutional assembly have been politically motivated, in particular that conservatives have long fought against revising the constitution.
A new Gallup poll shows that 40% of respondents would like to see the government appoint the 25 candidates who were elected to the assembly to the position of the task of drafting a new constitution. 20% would prefer to see new elections, 11% would prefer to delay the assembly for the time being, and 25% would prefer the matter be dropped altogether.
The prime minister has promised that there will be a constitutional assembly, one way or the other, but how and when that is to happen has still been up in the air.
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