From Iceland — Social Centre Imposes Dress Code On Young People

Social Centre Imposes Dress Code On Young People

Published February 7, 2011

The Association of Community Centres, or Samfés, has issued a dress code for people attending any of the balls the organisation hosts for primary school children.
The website for the organisation maintains that they have received a number of complaints on how kids dress at these dances. In response, Samfés has issued the following dress code:

1. Skirts must extend below the knee. Skirts that do not extend below the knee must be accompanied by coloured stockings or leggings that reach at least as far as the ankles.
2. Avoid wearing shirts or dresses that are too low cut.
3. It is not permitted to wear a shirt that is completely unbuttoned, or to be topless.
4. Be careful when deciding on shoes. This is a long dance with few chances to sit down and rest. Many girls have chosen to wear high heels but more often than not have taken them off by the time they get to the dance. This can lead to injuries related to high heels, heel sores, and in some cases bare toes being stepped on.

Any kids violating these rules will be led to a room in the back of the dance and made to wait there until its conclusion, upon which they will be sent home.
There is as yet no word on exactly how widespread the problem of topless and barefoot primary school children at dances has been, but even if rare, the new dress code has pre-emptively staved off the threat.

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