From Iceland — First Bands Confirmed For Airwaves

First Bands Confirmed For Airwaves

Published January 31, 2011

The Icelandic music website Rjóminn is reporting some of the first bands being confirmed to play for Airwaves, and so far, the line-up looks pretty interesting.
First on the list is the British alternative rock band The Vaccines. A fairly new group, they haven’t even released their first album yet – that’s due in March – but their single “Post Break-Up Sex” has been charting well.
From the other side of the Atlantic is an altogether different act, Brooklyn’s black metal band Liturgy. While America isn’t exactly renowned for its output of black metal bands, one review of these guys described their sound as “a minimalist, grim, dissonant and blizzardly fast black-metal sound exhibited in their debut recording ‘Renihilation’ that could rival with the grimiest and disgustingly-looking band coming out from the depths of Norway.”
It wouldn’t be Airwaves without a German electronica band, and this year is no exception, as Sizarr will also be gracing our fair isle.
Speaking of which, Iceland is also representing, of course. Of Monsters And Men is one such band, as are New Wave-ish band Who Knew, and screamo outfit Endless Dark.
If you’re allergic to visiting MySpace, you can also find song samples on Rjóminn.
Yes, Airwaves is still not starting until October, but aren’t you glad you know this far in advance some of what to look forward to?

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