From Iceland — Texan Offers to Drill for Iceland's Oil

Texan Offers to Drill for Iceland’s Oil

Published November 29, 2010

It’s not every day we get business proposals e-mailed to us with the instructions to forward it to the entirety of Iceland, but we got one of them yesterday. Rather than explain the contents, we think it’s best that you read this in its own words.

Greetings Mr. Nikolov,
First and foremost we all have this in common. Our country’s economy is struggling and and government wanting to help. I hope you can communicate this email to the necessary parties so we can get both countries economy started in the right direction.
I understand Norway and Russia have extended their hand to assist Iceland. Please include USA, not the government, but a wildcatter. My company does not represent the government of the USA, but a very little company with the help of other big companies. I hope whom ever makes the decision on the selection of a country (Norway or Russia) or a little company read this email. This are the facts of our company and the landscape.
Sky of Texas (TEG the company in question of the searching and drilling), is based in Texas. Texas has the 11th largest economy in the World.
Texas has more oil companies based in Houston, TX than any other country in the world. We have Exxon, Marathon, Shell, and so on and so on.
We have the universities which the oil world sends their sons and daughters to learn the art of drilling for oil in Texas universities.
We have the most manufacturers of oil platforms for sea drilling in Texas (over 4000 platforms in Gulf of Mexico).
Texas has the most refineries (US Energy states North America has the most refineries) in the World.
Please compare the above information with Norway and Russia and make a sound decision of which EXPERT you would like to employ.
In return this is what Iceland will get barring all political roadblocks.
Iceland majority workforce will be employ to reduce the unemployment rate in your country.
Refinery (ies) if required will be build in Iceland, more employment.
University of Iceland will be assisted in teaching courses on Petroleum Engineering to have Icelanders hired throughout the world with their new expertise. We have Texas universities open university extensions in Iceland for the purpose of educating your students and the world (future growth and tax base).
From our profits we will donate scholarships towards natural born citizens of Iceland (Our management are members of Lions Club and Rotary International).
Boating and transportation (oil) will be granted to Icelanders to improve the economy. If political roadblocks are eliminated we can finance 100% (from proceeds). Current fishing merchants (Iceland) would be employed and financial assistance in converting their operations from fishing to oil (More jobs).
Our company will eventually be return to Icelanders (320,000) and not the government. The oil company needs to be private or public and not governmental. PEMEX, the Mexican oil company, has yet to generate a profit! ( Icelanders Oil Company (IOC) will be one of the largest profitable companies in the world if it has none of the political roadblocks. Each natural born Icelander will receive an equal share of the company after a certain period.
B.O.O.T. (build, operate, own, transfer) for a period (10 years) we can come to an agreement on the operation of the company.
If you review the above facts and actions, Norway and Russia, in comparison will only: “Veni, Vidi, Vici” as Julius Ceasar once said.
In contrast, Sky of Texas, will walk away with empty hands and assets in the ownership of 320,000 Icelanders.
Publish this and let 320,000 Icelanders vote if government does not listen to Sky of Texas. See and hear what the people want. Do the 320,000 Icelanders want prosperity or more progessive governmental operations?
Mr. Nikolov, I hope you can get this email to the proper people. Or should you publish it as an open letter to the 320,000 Icelanders?
Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you real soon.
Ruben “Trey” D. Torres

On further review, we could not find any company called “Sky of Texas”, however, Googling the Yahoo address from which this e-mail was sent turned up this Zoominfo profile, which we believe speaks for itself.
Anyone interested in hooking Mr. Torres up with a drilling gig here in Iceland, you know how to reach him.

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