From Iceland — Suspected of Inciting Break-ins at Ministers' Homes

Suspected of Inciting Break-ins at Ministers’ Homes

Published October 15, 2010

Steinar Immanuel Sörensson was interrogated yesterday by police who
suspected that Steinar was inciting people to break into the homes of the Prime
Minister and Minister of Finance. Their concern arose after he created a
Facebook event, “Upp í rúm til Jóhönnu og Steingríms” or “Into bed with
Jóhanna and Steingrímur.”
In the description of the Facebook event, which has 20 confirmed guests, Steinar says,
“Because government representatives haven’t realized that people are winding up on the streets homeless — someone suggested that people squat in their houses to have a roof over their heads. I’m in.
Let’s plan to squat at the homes of the Minister of Finance and Prime Minister – (If space is tight then it should be possible to find space with other ministers) Those who want to show these people why we are protesting should join those of us who plan to sleep at their houses.
Time TBA – we’ll figure that out later.”
Steinar told morgunblaðið that he created the event after Monday’s protests when politicians came forth and said they didn’t know why people were protesting. “I didn’t crawl into their bed. This was really done to make fun of them for not realizing why people were protesting,” Steinar told Morgunblaðið.
The sheriff’s office in Reykjavík was not immediately available to provide eviction numbers, but Steinar says the sheriff in Keflavík told him 230 houses had been lost in that city since the New Year.

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