From Iceland — Grapevine’s Picks For Friday

Grapevine’s Picks For Friday

Published October 15, 2010

Wow. So it’s day three of Iceland Airwaves already. And we’re not even remotely tired of music, life, alcohol, fun times and friends (perhaps we will sing a different tune come Monday – who knows!). It’s been intense and fun, and we actually sort of forgot to make any picks yesterday for y’all folks that don’t know what to get up to at the festival and thus need our help with discerning.
But today is another day. And today we remember. So here are, in no particular order, some suggestions for fun things to get up to tonight at the offish Iceland Airwaves shows (off venue shows are great too, but y’know… we can only pick so much):
Slagsmálsklubben – NASA – 02:20
These Swedish maniacs were totally awesome when we saw them perform in Oslo a couple years back. Surely they can’t have gotten bad since then…
Klink – Sódóma – 01:10
Fucking Klink man. They usually destroy. The only dangerous band in Iceland.
Rolo Tomassi – Sódóma – 00:10
We hear they’re the UK’s answer to the THE WAR ON TERROR. Interesting.
Toro Y Moi – Venue – 23:30
This is just really good for so many reasons. Hopefully the live show holds up too.
Skelkur í bringu – Amsterdam –20:50
One of Grapevine’s fave bands ever. They sound a little like PONYTAIL!
Bárujárn  01:10 – Amsterdam
Grapevine’s fave new Icelandic act for over a year now, Bárujárn are the shit. See them.
Captain Fufanu – Apótekið 21:50
Cap’n Fufanu do great Iceland-style electro the way it should be done.
Sudden Weather Change – Faktorý – 00:10
Goddamn Sudden Weather Change. Why are they so awesome!?! Is it the three guitars? The non-harmonic harmonies? Their fashion sense? Who cares!
DLX ATX – Faktorý –01:00
Must be seen to be believed.
Mugison – Iðnó – 20:50
You all know Mugison. You all love him. Go see his show.
The Vandelles – Iðnó – 20:00
One of our favourite international acts this year. Let’s hope they live up to our expectations!
Vuk – 22:30 – Risið
We checked out Vuk this spring, when we heard she was playing Airwaves. We haven’t stopped checking Vuk out since.
Dikta – 21:50 – Reykjavík Art Museum
Iceland’s favourite band (and we like them too). Come here to get a taste of what Icelandic music lovers really like.
See y’all there!

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