From Iceland — Crazed Raven Killed by Authorities

Crazed Raven Killed by Authorities

Published October 6, 2010

A raven that went berserk and attacked a child has since been put down, DV reports.
The incident in question happened in the quiet town of Akranes, not too far north of Reykjavík. A mother, child, and their three-month-old puppy were out on their deck when the raven appeared. The bird then proceeded to attack the child and the puppy.
“If I hadn’t got them inside and shut the door it would’ve come in after us,” the mother told DV. She said the raven continued screaming at them from the deck, threatening them.
Police were called onto the scene, and after putting up a chase, the raven was eventually caught. However, police needed permission from the Icelandic Institute of Natural History to take its life. Once this permission was granted, the bird was put down without needing to fire a weapon.
The mother told news website Skessuhorn that people should beware of wild animals that don’t avoid human contact. For the most part, ravens are intelligent and peaceful birds who will not attack you. Arctic terns, however, are mean, vicious, evil creatures who will swoop down on you and peck you mercilessly if you get within meters of where they are nesting.

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