From Iceland — Volcanic Ash Descends on Reykjavík

Volcanic Ash Descends on Reykjavík

Published September 3, 2010

High winds are once again sending ash from Eyjafjallajökull over the capital area.
Vísir reports that high winds over the south of Iceland, moving from east to west, are carrying with it volcanic ash that has still not been completely washed away from the Eyjafjallajökull eruption which ended just a few months ago.
Levels of ash in the air are rapidly rising, and although no immediate health risk is at play, people with lung conditions are still advised to exercise caution.
Ash from the eruption last swept over the capital area in June. At that time, ash levels were high enough to be not only visible in the form of a dark, ominous cloud over the city, but it also left a film of dust on cars and windows. Where the limit of safety for dust is 50 micrograms per cubic meter, some areas were giving readings approaching 90 micrograms per cubic meter.
For most people, you may experience stinging eyes, shortness of breath, and feel grit on your teeth and hair, but the ash is otherwise not especially dangerous if you have no health problems.

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