From Iceland — Young Leftist Greens Want Justice Minister to Resign

Young Leftist Greens Want Justice Minister to Resign

Published August 17, 2010

A statement from the Young Leftist-Greens – the youth movement branch of the Leftist-Green Party, a coalition party in the Icelandic government – has called for the resignation of Minister of Justice Ragna Árnadóttir.
In particular, the statement refers to a proposal that the minister is putting together that would expand police powers to give them the right to search someone’s home even if they are not suspected of committing a crime or even intending to commit a crime.
“By permitting spying on individuals without any reasonable suspicion of criminal activity or intent, the government has put itself on very thin ice,” the statement says in part. “From a fundamental human rights and democratic viewpoint, any ideas such as this must be rejected.” They add furthermore that they are disappointed to see that despite their now being a leftist government in power, there has been no policy change within the ministry, with regards to police power, militarism and immigration issues.
Some members of the Young Leftist-Greens have even gone so far as to say that they would leave the party altogether if her idea about expanding police powers is passed into law.
Ragna has faced criticism in the recent past for her hard line against asylum seekers, where refugees have often been deported without their cases even being reviewed. Last November, the minister also put together a “work group” to find a way to expand supervision on all foreigners, with the express purpose of fighting organized crime.

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