From Iceland — Tourists on the Street

Tourists on the Street

Published July 19, 2010

Photo by
Art Bicnick
Alexandra Young

We stopped to interview some lucky tourists on the street to see why they chose to visit Iceland. The following people graciously complied to dish out the details of their trip.

Name: Michel Jones
Country: Greece
Where have you been tonight?
Bar 11, which is actually really perfect, it’s really nice. It made me drunk, and a lot of other people too.
What makes Reykjavík nightlife special?
People here are really open and have nice hearts. It’s really perfect and I’m having a lot of fun.
What about the drinking culture?
Iceland is a calm place, and this kind of drinking is really nice because in Iceland people drink enough. When I say ‘enough’, I mean a lot. Every person, girl or boy, they always drink as much as they want and as much as they can. Every time they go down town they are the most open people and it’s just a different kind of feeling.
Favourite places to go out?
Hverfisbarinn is number one for me. Over there I know a lot of people that I just met in one night. They just come and are like “hey you are a nice dancer” or whatever, you know? Doesn’t matter what it is they are always willing to meet new people.
Why is Iceland different to anywhere else?
Out of Scandinavia, Iceland is one of the best countries to travel around. It has more things to offer, particularly in terms of nature. It has a lot of different things to show you. Tourists coming to Iceland and travelling around will have a really nice memory.

Names: Flory and Etienne
What made you choose Iceland?
F: I came here seven years ago, and it was really nice. We love the wilderness and it’s a great place to go hiking.
What’s been your favourite thing so far on this trip?
The trek from Landmannalaugar to Skógar.
Biggest disappointment?
Well we went to Vík to look for some Puffins, just like it said in the guide, but we couldn’t find any!
What do like about the city?
Reykjavík seems to be a young city and so it’s full of energy and life.


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