From Iceland — Spanish Protesters Show Support For Reykjavík Nine

Spanish Protesters Show Support For Reykjavík Nine

Published July 12, 2010

Rex Beckett

A group of twenty people in Barcelona protested in front of the Consulate of Iceland to show support for the group known as the Reykjavík Nine, reports
The Reykjavík Nine are currently standing trial for accused attacks on Parliament during the protests of Winter 2008-2009. The Spanish protesters gathered in front of the Icelandic consulate to display their anger at the Government of Iceland for holding the nine accused responsible for the actions of thousands of protesters. The group protested on the street for an hour, holding signs, shouting slogans and handing out pamphlets on the protests in Reykjavík.
The group came to the building where the Icelandic consulate is housed along with several other offices in hopes to come in and speak to someone from the consulate. Upon their arrival, they were informed they could not go in as a group and only one person would be allowed in to speak to someone who worked for the building, not the Icelandic Government. Police arrived on the scene and told the group the office was closed, but someone from the building would come down to deliver their statement to the consulate. Two protesters then tried calling the consulate and were told it was in fact open, but the police would not change their position.
The group released a statement of support, which read in part the following: “It is quite clear that the actions of the Icelandic State is exempt from political and ideological grassroots: choosing a specific group of individuals out of thousands of people who protested – and more so to select specific individuals from that group went into the Houses of Parliament. It is also clear that with these accusations, the government means to set an example, to suppress the dissident potential future that could disrupt the rest of the state.”
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