From Iceland — Parliamentary Committee Sends Brief to Special Prosecutor Regarding Oddsson and Others

Parliamentary Committee Sends Brief to Special Prosecutor Regarding Oddsson and Others

Published June 1, 2010

The parliamentary committee in charge of reviewing the findings of the Special Investigative Commission (SIC) report on the causes of the economic collapse have sent briefs to the special prosecutor regarding alleged mismanagement of the Central Bank, wherein Davíð Oddsson is named as a suspect.
Also on the committee’s list to the prosecutor are Ingimund Friðriksson and Eirík Guðnason, as well as Jónas Fr. Jónsson, former head of the Financial Supervisory Group (FME) in Iceland. Jónas, for his part, has accused the parliamentary committee of engaging in political attacks.
The committee’s job is to review the findings of the SIC report and make recommendations to the special prosecutor with regards to who should be further questioned and possible charged. Former prime minister Geir H. Haarde and former Minister of Business Björgvin Sigurðsson have also been named as possibly facing further investigation. If found guilty of mismanagement or negligence, they could face up to two years in prison.
Davíð Oddsson figures prominently in the SIC report, especially in his time as Central Bank chairman. He is accused of having either turned a blind eye to or been complicit in the policies of the country’s banks. Oddsson, for his part, contends that he was constantly lied to and had no way of knowing what was really going on.
Oddsson is now the editor of the daily newspaper Morgunblaðið.

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