From Iceland — Eaglecam!


Published April 26, 2010

Rex Beckett

So this is really cute!
The pair of white-tail eagles in the Westfjörds known around the world for their egg-laying experience being documented on live webcam are at it again! They have laid an egg and the camera is back up and running.
The camera pointed at the eagle-couple’s nest on Reykhólahreppur island is up and running for the third year in a row. There are only about 10,000 pairs of white-tail eagles in the whole world, and they only produce up to three eggs per year. The male and female take equal turns sitting on the egg. Last year the pair in the Westfjörds laid one egg but it hatched unsuccessfully.
So you can go on anytime day or night and keep lookout for when the pair switch turns, or just get a glimpse of a really cool rare species of bird contributing to the circle of life!
Go take a look right HERE!

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