From Iceland — Wikileaks: "Spied On", Employee Questioned in Iceland

Wikileaks: “Spied On”, Employee Questioned in Iceland

Published March 26, 2010

Wikileaks is claiming that the Pentagon is tailing their employees, one of whom was questioned by police in Iceland.
The website has most recently approached Iceland with the hopes of making the country a “free press haven” for journalists and publishers, to publicize information without fear of reprisals from politicians or the wealthy. The site has recently announced that it intends to make public video of American forces in Afghanistan killing civilians and journalists.
Then came an alarming series of tweets from the site, claiming they are being tailed and harrassed by US intelligence agents. Perhaps not surprising, seeing as how a recently released document made by the US Army in 2008, entitled “ — An Online Reference to Foreign Intelligence Services, Insurgents, or Terrorist Groups?,” comes to the conclusion that “Successful identification, prosecution, termination of employment, and exposure of persons leaking the information by the governments and businesses affected by information posted to would damage and potentially destroy this center of gravity and deter others from taking similar actions.”
However, an e-mail sent by Wikileaks spokesman Julian Assange to Icelandic journalists reveals that one of the site’s employees was recently arrested by Icelandic police, questioned for 21 hours, and shown surveillance footage of site operations.
Wikileaks has more recently tweeted, “To those worrying about us — we’re fine, and will issue a suitable riposte shortly.” The video of the alleged attack in Afghanistan is due to be released 5 April.

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