From Iceland — Referendum Will Probably Kill Icesave Law

Referendum Will Probably Kill Icesave Law

Published March 2, 2010

Opposition to the current Icesave law hovers at around 75%, but the government has indicated it will not withdraw the law, despite a new deal on the table.
A recent gallup poll showed 74% saying the intended to vote against the current Icesave law, while 19% said they would vote for it, and 8% said they would submit a blank vote.
In parliament yesterday, conservative chairman Bjarni Benediktsson asked Prime Minister Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir if she intended to withdraw the law and cancel the referendum – as the conservatives had done in 2004 when the president vetoed a media bill they had pushed through.
The Prime Minister responded that she wondered what the referendum was even for, refering to statements she had made over the weekend that with a better offer on the table from the British and Dutch, the referendum on the old deal was a moot point. However, she said, the referendum will go on as scheduled, on 6 March, and pamphlets from the government explaining the issue will be distributed today.

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