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Economist Robert Wade on Icelandic Television

Published February 8, 2010

Robert Wade, professor of political economy at the London School of Economics, appeared as a guest on the roundtable news discussion show Silfur Egils, where he shared his thoughts about the Icesave debacle.
Among other things, Wade contended that Iceland needs to find a mediator. The British, Dutch and Icelanders all share responsibility in the Icesave matter, and so it is necessary for a neutral party to step in to moderate negotiations.
Wade added that the British and the Dutch would never have taken the measures they did against Iceland if the country had been larger, or a part of the European Union. He added, however, that people contending that Iceland shouldn’t pay for Icesave aren’t doing the country any favors in the eyes of the rest of the world.
Wade has written numerous articles on the subject of Iceland’s economic collapse. To watch his appearance on Silfur Egils online, click here.

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