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40% Support Icesave Law

Published January 12, 2010

40% of those polled by Fréttablaðið say they support the existing Icesave law, showing a 10% increase from last autumn.
As could be expected, support varies depending on what party respondents belong to. One in five conservatives and Progressives support the existing Icesave law, while three out of four Social Democrats showed support.
The poll also showed that support for the president’s veto is now at 62.4%, while 37.6% were against it. This is a significant difference to last week, when only 42% said they supported the president’s decision.
Gunnar Helgi Kristinsson, a professor of political science, said that the shift can be attributed to the flexibility of people’s opinions from day to day, depending on the news of the day. As numerous foreign media outlets are showing support, or at least sympathy, for Iceland’s situation, Icelanders are maybe feeling as though they are in a stronger position for negotiation than they originally believed.

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