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Hells Angels Invited for New Year Celebrations

Published December 21, 2009

Motorcycle club MC Iceland has apparently invited members of the Hells Angels to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Iceland.
Vísir reports that the motorcycle club has promised visiting Hells Angels alcohol, DJs and women to be present as part of the festivities. Police are currently working to block any Hells Angels from entering the country.
In recent years the Hells Angels have been regarded as an organized crime syndicate. The Hells Angels have countered this by pointing to community service volunteer work that they’ve done in other countries. Icelandic police have already formed a special task force designed to stem organized crime, with an emphasis on motorcycle clubs.
In fact, police have wanted to go so far as to ban people from wearing the Hells Angels motorcycle patch, similar in design to the image above. However, similar bans in New Zealand and Canada have led to lengthy and expensive legal battles over the issues of freedom of speech. In Holland, attempts to ban the club outright have led to similar results, as the Hells Angels argued that they are not a gang but a motorcycle club. Icelandic police have publicly stated they assume any and all operations of the Hells Angels in Iceland are illegal.

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