From Iceland — Wants Referendum on NATO Membership

Wants Referendum on NATO Membership

Published November 30, 2009

The Campaign Against Militarism (CAM) has called for a national referndum on the question of whether or not Iceland should remain in NATO.
In a statement from the organization, they note that although 60 years have passed since Iceland joined NATO, the Icelandic people have never been directly asked if they want to be a part of NATO. The group would like to see a referendum on the question to be held alongside the up-coming referendum on EU membership.
The statement goes on to say that in recent years NATO has been an agent of war, and that with Iceland as a part of the alliance, it has aided directly in the war in Afghanistan, “taking part in a war lasting years against one of the poorest countries on earth.”
Iceland’s membership in NATO has always been controversial, and remains a matter of contention. In fact, when parliament voted to join NATO in 1949, without holding a referendum, riots broke out, wherein the Socialist Party fought with police, who were being aided by members of the Independence Party.

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