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Are You A ‘Blogger’? Do You ‘Blog’? If so, Grapevine wants you. Maybe.

Published November 11, 2009

We hear blogging is all the rage these days. We hear blogs can provide the modern individual with a refuge for contemplation and joy, that they are fine places to get a daily dose of studied discourse and enlightening commentary on day to day issues, as well as profound questions that have haunted man for aeons.
We hear blogs are great places to get informed on such varied topics as The Arts, Politics, The Entertainment Industry, Gossip, Vast Global Conspiracies and People’s Lives.
We hear you can make some money off blogs, too.
We want in on all this sweet, sweet money… er… discourse. So as of RIGHT NOW, we are calling out to active bloggers that blog in English and are based in Iceland or write about Iceland-related topics. We wish to post their blogs on our web-site,, so we may score advertising cash and promote enlightened dialogue within our community.
If you believe your blog does not suck, and that it should be featured on our site, do drop us a line to
It would be great if you could use “HAPPY BLOG” as a subject line. Thanks.

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