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Gallup Cornucopia

Published November 2, 2009

Icelanders trust Scandinavians more than any other foreigners, they give the most support to the conservative party that they overthrew last year, and they really, really don’t like the IMF. All this and more from Gallup’s newest opinion poll results.
On a national average, 71% of Icelanders polled said they trusted the IMF very little, while only 6% said they trusted it a lot. 24% had no feelings on the matter at all.
When it comes to which foreigners Icelanders like the most, Norwegians and Danes were at the top of the possible choices, earning the admiration of 81% and 78% of the nation, respectively. This was followed by the Japanese (55%), the Americans (48%), the Dutch (35%), the British (33%) and lastly, the Russians, at 30%.
When it comes to international organizations, the European Union is the least trusted – only 25% said they trusted the EU a great deal, while 44% said they didn’t trust it much at all – while the UN earns the most confidence, with 58% expressing great trust in the group, while only 12% said they trusted it very little.
In the field of domestic politics, it’s once again the Independence Party – overthrown by popular demand last year – who top the list of the country’s most popular parties, at 33%. This was followed by the ruling parties of the Social Democrats (25%) and the Leftist-Greens (23%). The Progressives lag far behind, at 16%, while the newly formed Movement barely registers anymore.
However, while the Social Dems and the Leftist-Greens on their own ranked below the Independence Party, it should be noted that 48% of respondants said they support the current Social Dem/Left-Green government, and would vote for the continuation of that partnership if elections were held today.

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