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Published October 17, 2009

What can we expect from your Airwaves appearance, and what can we expect of you in general?
General nonsense, civil disobedience and dancing friends with blinking lights and loud music in 4/4.
What are some of the acts you’ll want to see at this festival, and why?
Retro Stefson, since they are awesome, Micachu and the Shapes, because I hope they are awesome, and Reykjavík! since they make awesome an understatement.
Are there any acts missing from the bill that you’d like to see on there?
They seem to be missing Gary Numan.
This year sees fewer ‘large’ international acts on the schedule. Do you believe this changes anything for the festival in general, and its spirit?
Personally, I think this is a good thing. This will put more focus on smaller acts. But I’m sure the reason is money and not to put focus on smaller acts.
Looking back, do you have a favourite edition of Iceland Airwaves? And if so, why?  
For us it must be 2007 when we played six shows in one weekend.
A lot of our readers are first time Airwaves-visitors. Do you have any tips for them? What to see, what to do, what to avoid, etc? Where to buy records? Or a good place to grab a bite or get away from it all for a while?
Plan to see bands you don’t know, that is the best way to experience this festival. Try to see some off venue gigs. Overplanning is forbidden: leave room for the unexpected. Go to Havarí to buy Icelandic Records and Kolaportið for all your vinyl dreams (if you’re lucky).
Given that most Airwaves-visitors won’t have a lot of time in their schedule to see the Icelandic countryside, are there any nature-havens close by that you’d reccommend?
Grótta is nice and Rauðhólar are close by.
Has a lot changed in the Icelandic music scene since Airwaves 2008? How about Airwaves 2004?
A lot of things change, too many for a list. More good, more not so good, but all with good intentions.

  • When: Saturday 01:10
  • Where: NASA
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