From Iceland — First Night Down

First Night Down

Published October 15, 2009

So our first night of music and mayhem is behind us, pretty much. It’s
been good. We’ve been around. We went dancing at Retro Stefson
(Sódóma – KIMI night), we moshed through Me, The Slumbering Napoleon, we
slack-jawedly gazed at Pascal Pinon and their bracy-goodness. We done
did it all. It was alright, super alright actually.
Now at the office at Hafnarstræti. Three thirty in the morning. Started
receiving the first Airwaves reviews in (and we’ll start uploading
soon), and they’re looking fine.
It was quite the decision, and it is quite the task to undertake –
reviewing each of the however many shows there are at this year’s
Airwaves. Of course, such reviews are better fit for reading with your
pint at KB the day after a show, in a heavily illustrated magazine, but
we were in the end confident that all of y’all have some sort of
internet-reading mechanism on your persons at all times. The Icelanders
have them left over from more prosperous times, and the útlendingar
have them because they have everything over there in útlönd. Have you
seen that Flip video camera they all have? It’s crazy. Crazy útlönd.
Also, we were able to secure the help of several able, willing music
lovers from all over that decided their Airwaves experience would be
greatly complimented by turning in some hard labour during it, by
having to stay at the same venue all night for however many nights and
potentially offending everyone who’s shows you didn’t like so much for
whatever reason. Good people, honest music lovers the whole of them.
Furthermore, we’ve got a small stable of photographers that will document the week visually.
So it’s all pretty good.
We’ll also be updating this here webpage with all sorts of other
goodies every day of the festival. Band interviews, behind the scenes
looks (wonder if what happens there is interesting – let’s find out),
news, advise and stuff. Lots of stuff, mainly. So check it out if you
have your mobile internet reading thing on you or also if you’re near a
Also – give us a shout or e-mail if you’ve any sort of question or
comment or something. Or maybe if you want to contribute your own
experiences in writing to our thing? That could be pretty cool. Anyway.

Yeah. See you around.

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