From Iceland — Airwaves Blog #1!

Airwaves Blog #1!

Published October 14, 2009

Rex Beckett

O.M.F.G. you guys!!!
I just strapped on my day-glo fluorescent yellow wristband and hooked my strap onto my press pass. I picked out my shows and got the okay from the Editor Boss-Man. I am about to hit Airwaves 2009!
You don’t even know how long I have been waiting for this.
I first heard about the Iceland Airwaves festival four years ago, in Montreal, when a local band that an acquaintance of mine played in was lucky enough to come over here and play. Already being well into the obviously huge Icelandic musical exports (you know…) and being weirdly obsessed with this country, I was pretty intrigued on getting to know what was actually going on in Reykjavík that wasn’t getting exported.
Then I came to Iceland, missing Airwaves, by a scant month. Damn it.
Three fucking years later, I am sitting in the Grapevine’s offices, my longtime source for news and cultural updates from Iceland, and I am decked out in pieces of plastic that will get me ahead of line ups and into a selection of the most pants-shittingly awesome shows this year.
The only bummer is this is my last weekend in town. On Monday afternoon, I will fly out of Keflavík mangled from the hangover to end all hangovers. That barf bag is gonna be doing its job.
But at least I go out with a bang! I will be spending the next few nights at Batterííð, NASA, the Reykjavík Art Museum and Jacobsen. I will also be hitting up tons of off-venues, the Blue Lagoon party and tons of Prikið breakfast. Can not wait.
So I wish you all a merry Airwaves and happy drinking beers! I hope to see you all having insane amounts of fun!

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