From Iceland — Pachauri "Misinformed" About Iceland

Pachauri “Misinformed” About Iceland

Published September 22, 2009

Árni Finnsson, chairman of the Nature Conservation Society of Iceland,
believes Nobel Prize winner Rajendra K. Pachauri – who recently visited
and praised Iceland for being “green” – needs to be better informed of
the reality of Iceland’s environmental efforts.
“At the lecture at the University of Iceland last Saturday, where Pachauri talked about Iceland being an example to others in the field of climate change,” said Finnson, “I thought to myself that this man cannot know how much we emit each year person, which is about 17 tonnes of carbon dioxide, which is about the highest in the world.”
Finnson continued: “There is no plan in place for how we are going to reduce emissions in this country. So if he’s looking for a leader country in this area, he’s looking in the wrong drawer.”
Pauchari won the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore for their efforts in the field of climate change.

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