From Iceland — Eva Joly, uncensored

Eva Joly, uncensored

Published August 7, 2009

By now, all interested parties have likely read the letter penned by Ms. Eva Joly, the French-Norwegian judge hired on by the Icelandic government to investigate the financial collapse, published in the Telegraph, Aftenposten, Le Monde and Morgunblaðið on August 2nd.
The magistrate offered a balanced argument for shared responsibility concerning the Icesave debacle and for more fair, empathetic treatment of the Icelandic population, the vast majority of whom have absolutely nothing to do with the nations banking system. Her argument was strong and her point direct.
However, those who read the letter on the Telegraph’s website may not agree that Ms. Joly’s memorandum packed much of a punch on account of such key terms as “blackmail” (as in “Even the Scandinavian countries, which heralded international solidarity, are conspicuous by their lack of reaction to the blackmailing of Iceland…”) being stricken from the published text.
Those interested in reading the lengthier and more complete letter can do so by visiting The Iceland Weather Report website.

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