From Iceland — Davíð Oddsson denies government’s responsibility for Icesave

Davíð Oddsson denies government’s responsibility for Icesave

Published July 14, 2009

In an interview with Skjar Einn yesterday evening former Prime Minister and chief of Iceland’s Central Bank Davíð Oddsson denied that the Icelandic government had any responsibility for Icesave.
Oddsson stated to the television station that at the time of Landsbanki’s sale to the Samson Group in 2002 the Althingi absolved themselves of responsibility by stating that there would be no back up by the Icelandic government. While the Independent Party, which Oddsson was leader of, is no longer in power, the MP’s of the current parliament are at odds regarding Icesave and the agreement hashed out with British and Dutch investors.

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