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Immigrant Deported; Icelandic Village Protests

Published May 6, 2009

Japsý Jacob has been deported, resulting in a protest from nearly half the village of Seyðisfjörður.
Originally from India, Japsý came to Iceland in 2007 and had been living here without a residence permit since last October. Authorities issued here a notice of deportation, which prompted the village to petition for her stay. There is, however, no law with regards to petitioning the government to let someone stay in the country who is living here without a permit, and so she was deported.
About 300 residents of Seyðisfjörður protested the decision taken by the Office of Immigration – a proportionately large number of people, considering the village is only about 800 people. According to sources close to the story, Jacob faces an arranged marriage on her return to India.
By law, living in Iceland without a valid residence permit is a serious offense and grounds not only for deportation, but can also a result in a ban on returning to the country that could last years.

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