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Swin Flu Could Come to Iceland

Published April 29, 2009

Health authorities believe it is conceivable that swin flu comes to
Iceland, but stress that there is no reason to raise protective levels
The virus, which has made hundreds ill and in some cases been fatal, has made its way from Mexico to Spain, and from there, is travelling across Europe. However, at this time the Directorate of Health does not believe precautions need to be taken with regards to limiting the number of tourists who come here.
The Directorate also stresses that at this time, one case of the virus has been detected in Spain and another case elsewhere in Europe. There is, then, no reason to fly into a panic about the swine flu or whether or not it will come here.
To be on the safe side, health authorities in Iceland emphasise that the flu vaccine stocks that exist in this country are capable of combatting swine flu. It is also recommended that when sneezing and coughing, people use tissues which are thrown away, followed by washing one’s hands.

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