From Iceland — Wants the Courts on the Bank Collapse

Wants the Courts on the Bank Collapse

Published March 24, 2009

The spokesman for a newly formed political party is calling for the
collapse of Iceland’s banking system to be considered a judicial matter.
Þór Saari, spokesman for the Citizen’s Movement, believes that the general public should not pay to bail out the banks wholesale, but rather, that those responsible for the economy’s collapse be put under a criminal investigation to pay back the damage that they did. Saari told the Morgunblaðið news show Zetan that none of the major political parties have seriously considered the idea.
When asked about the possibility of political alliances should his party come to power, Saari said that they have ruled out working with the Conservatives, as they believe they bear the most responsibility for the current economic crisis. This left “social-minded” parties for consideration.
Iceland’s political landscape has changed a great deal since the change of government earlier this year. While the Conservatives remain the party with the most support, the Social Democrats are nearly tied with them, with the Leftist-Greens not far behind. The Progressives saw a modest raise in support, while the Liberal has lost enough support to put them in danger of not winning a single seat this 25 April. Iceland’s Movement – a party started in 2007 – has amagamated with the Social Democrats, while the newly-formed Democracy Movement polling at around the same level as the decade-old Liberals. The Citizen’s Movement has been steadily gaining support, and is currently polling strongly enough to win them a seat in parliament.

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