From Iceland — Did "Heroes" Steal from Astrópía? You Be the Judge

Did “Heroes” Steal from Astrópía? You Be the Judge

Published March 10, 2009

The producers of the Icelandic film Astrópía are considering suing the
producers of the American television series “Heroes” for copyright
infringement, based on a striking similarity between Heroes’ Season 3 Episode 19, and the main plot device of the Icelandic film.
Although it’s too late for the producers of the Icelandic film to issue an injunction stopping the airing of the episode, they have sent the matter to attornies abroad to see whether or not there’s a case for copyright infringement.
“We received information about this today. Icelanders abroad pointed out the similarities to us,” Gísli Gíslason, one of Astrópía’s producers told Morgunblaðið. “The ideas are obviously very similar. The characters are the same and the girl is almost the same. Sometimes one tries to hide that they stole, but this looks like a direct translation of our script.”
Astrópía was shown in the US in the previous year, and received a warm reception.
Just how similar are the Heroes episode and Astrópía? Judge for yourself:

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