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Ísafjörður Takes Action on Dog Curbing

Published February 13, 2009

The town council of Ísafjörður passed a resolution calling for tougher
measures against residents who don’t clean up after their dogs, citing
a growing problem with animal waste. West Fjörds newpaper Bæjarins Besta reports that part of this measure is the strict prohibition of any dog to be allowed to roam free out of doors, and no dog who isn’t a helper animal (seeing eye, sheepherding, etc.) is banned from the town limits without a special permit. The resolution reads in part:
“Dog owners are obliged to ensure that their dogs do not disturb the peace of another human being, nor make them uncomfortable, and dog owners are obliged to clean up the waste left by their dogs.”
And it doesn’t end there. Ísafjörður mayor Halldór Halldórsson has promised that if dog owners don’t abide by the resolution, then “harsher measures will be taken.”
No word on what the harsher measures could be.
The town resolution can be read in full (in Icelandic) here.

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