From Iceland — Reykjavík: Protests Continue

Reykjavík: Protests Continue

Published January 13, 2009

This morning brought continued protest action to the streets of Reykjavík, where varyingly large groups of activists have been gathering regularly to voice their complaints since October. The early rabble involved a band of protestors placing themselves firmly outside of the building that houses the Icelandic Parliament (“Alþingi”), locking arms and thereby preventing various ministers from attending a routine governmental meeting. After some time, the Ministers – including Prime Minister Geir H. Haarde and Minister of Education Þorgerður Katrín Gunnarsdóttir – were able to enter the building while Reykjavík police distracted the protestors as they angrily and loudly expressed their raging opinions on their frankly dysfunctional government.
The protest was carried out peacefully, sources agree. In the aftermath, however, a couple of activists were arrested after police accused them of vandalising security cameras outside Alþingi. The group of protestors stuck around until noon, but had disbanded when your Grapevine scribe arrived for a photo-op, replaced by the state’s diligent camera repairman (pictured).
Protest action in Iceland shows no signs of stopping or slowing down, and various direct-action groups seem intent on striking further in the next few days. Those interested in observing or participating in such activities are advised to lounge around downtown Reykjavík, near Alþingi, early mornings. Adherents of more socially accepted means of protest are advised to attend the weekly protests at Austurvöllur, every Saturday at 15:00.   

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