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Jón Ásgeir Gets a Taste of Frosty Retribution

Published December 22, 2008

As Icelandic billionaire CEO of Baugur Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson exited out of a downtown Reykjavík Hotel 101 this Wednesday, he was hit with a barrage of snowballs thrown by angry protestors, Mbl.is reported on the 17th of December. Reportedly, no one was harmed in the “attack”, and the happiest billionaire managed to escape unscathed in his shiny Range Rover. Although police were called to the scene, no arrests were made and protestors disbanded shortly afterwards.

According to an mbl.is story, Jóhannesson was walking out of a meeting he had being having with Malcolm Walker CEO of Baugur owned marketing chain ICELAND.

The protestors had apparently been waiting outside the hotel when the oblivious oligarch stepped out into the winter cold. He was received with a warm greeting in the Christmas spirit as the angry mob started throwing cobbles of snow aimed at his business suit.

Jóhannesson could not be reached for comment.

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