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Nýhil Poetry in the Grapevine:

Published November 3, 2006

3. A day for G8-protesting in Edinburgh.
Today was a very strict day in protesting agains the unjustness of monetary spreadability in the world with stars in the city (Edinburgh) fighting agains this. The subject has been developing for quite a time and I remember Bob Geldof spearheading it on many a gathering once while he travelled more ;(. The subject enjoys cross-political benevolence except for Bush, now I´m going to wring my neck, no, carry on with the story. I was confiscated!!!! I was at some protest alone, Emma was at school, Vidar and Daff were protesting elsewhere – EH!!??? why didn´t they just protest there at town where I was also protesting!!??
When we turned a corner and walked into a long alleyway open at both ends the cops suddenly sprang from hiding – with masks and sticks and shields and all, and shut us all in in the alley and said: “No, no, you can´t leave, just stay here for the whole of the day because we say so” WHAT!!!!??????? SAY AGAIN!!!????
Eat shit penguin
, crawl back into the hole you crawled up from you shit
revolting muscle of the fascist state which is the West today
Fuck off democracy, crawl back down the hole disgusting democracy
you´re sham democracy, you should be named deathcracy, dickcracy
Stay off my case fucking penguin
let me out of this alleyway hell moran, I don´t have the time
to stick around for the whole of the day you disgusting fucking penguin
Shall I smash through your shield little scared penguin???
Shall I wring your neck Muscle-cell, capitalist blister?
O.k., the state has confiscated me but I´m slick, you can´t hold me here for
the rest of my life idiots. When I escape I´ll destroy your system
All of us protest, idiots
I noted what happened at what time in the alleyway:
12:35 PM. Shut inside the alleyway, ridiculously boring, obscenely free subjects of the West FALSE
13:40 An anarchist crawls up on the roof, legal advisors come and advise us. “Be cool,” says legal to me when I´m exploding I´m so afraid the police will hit me
14:30 start of sipping with rope, the anarchists are a bit lame but I support their cause which is the destruction of community as we know it but I´m less sure about some of their other stuff. But don´t judge the fold by it´s black sheep, not everyone wants this, only DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED WESTERN GOVERNMENTS who want to destroy communities of other communities.
14:38 been staying here for ever. The speaker is broke says a guy, we don´t know anything, someone is taking a nap and someone says the police are trying to put us to sleep as if they won´t manage with beer, football and television og need something else.
15:14 SHIT!!! The cops have started moving in on us!! Suddenly they step twenty steps ahead with arms locked and their shields and are going to CRUSH US!!!! I´m disgustingly scared, can´t understand why they do this. I WAS JUST PROTESTING MORANS!!!!
15:40 Is this the best you can do nitwits, come for me idiot, I´m not going anywhere, come and I´ll blast your face shit.
15:47 Penguins make a line, five-man-deep, everybody with their little cute shields doing something sneaky behind them.
16:25 “If you want to leave form an orderly que,” says the main-penguin into the speaker. Fuck off.
16:35 been “cordoned”; suddenly we´ve all formed a line to get out.
16:37 a girl retrieved from the line and arrested. “This is what democracy looks like” all sing. – Democracy is like a guy, feet broke on both sides, trying to stand up to hit an arab.
16:43 Police eat Mars chocolate bars disgustingly fast. Then they plastic-bag all junk from the street and scarves and hats. The police is from Mars, protesters from Venus hehe.
16:55 Interrogated by two cops who also do a body search all over, they say I was held up by the power of Section 60. Exactly, section 60 explains all of this, I´m so glad you told me why you shut me up inside an alleyway for many hours, section 60 saves the day.
Ow, it´s finished. I had to tell you about this. It´s a great victory for me to be able to tell you this because I made notes. Conclusion. The main subjects of the report are the following: Everybody continues watching the TV-news with great care and diligence and then voting their representatives for parliament every four years but instead do it every 40.000 year and choose geographically, voting for example the Eurasian-plate to cheer it against the Asian-plate and if they move a bit TO SIGH (SAME SHIT DIFFERENT DAY!!!!).

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