From Iceland — Track By Track: ‘Love, Lust, and Greed’ By Great Grief

Track By Track: ‘Love, Lust, and Greed’ By Great Grief

Published December 7, 2018

Track By Track: ‘Love, Lust, and Greed’ By Great Grief
Hannah Jane Cohen
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Great Grief has been playing worldwide for five years, so calling their newly released debut album, ‘Love, Lust, and Greed,’ long-awaited would be an understatement. Singer Finnbogi Örn walks us through the new album, track by track.

Fluoxetine (Burden Me)
This song was written after someone I had completely cut out of my life went out of their way to make me feel weak again. The title is from the medication I take for my depression and anxiety. Similar to that person, it can be a burden.

Feeling Fine
‘Feeling Fine’ is when one accepts they might never learn “self love.” I am still trying to figure it out, but I took a step in the right direction when I learned it was okay to be medicated. It’s not weak.

Troubled Canvas
In 2014, I found myself knocked over and crazy about someone I could never be with. This song is a love song, but it goes beyond love into the gritty reality—the chemical reactions of affection. Me and that person broke up so that I could go on tour. It was probably for the best.

Escaping Reykjavík
A working title for this song was a play on the name of a record label that screwed us. They promised us a record contract just to go back on their word. We went out of our way to get blown off, thousands of miles from home, grinding and touring. I almost passed out recording this because I was channeling so much anger and pettiness.

“This isolation is hell, this isolation is home.”

This song started as a long-winded view on Iceland’s hookup culture, but then someone close to me went through the hell of being drugged twice in a year while trying to have a good time downtown. I beg anyone who reads this or listens, watch out for those around you. Make sure your people are safe.

Inhale The Smoke
My outlaw country friend, Krummi from Mínus, sings here. It’s about being sick of Iceland: This isolation is hell, this isolation is home.

The Nihilist Digest
I don’t drink. I never have. I’ve thought of it, and I’ve envied people who have it as a sweet release until I’ve seen them the next day. There’s no victory in drinking. “Wandering mouth, this is the best night of your life, the bottle saved you, but it is all a fucking lie.”

Ivory (Lie)
‘Ivory (Lie)’ is about lovers who go through hell and back, just to realize they’re not mature enough to put the past behind them, and go back to their vices with pills, alcohol and meaningless sex. Beauty becomes petty, horrid and pathetic.

God Sent
You know how we live in Iceland and it’s great? Why, then, are we the only European country that gives tax money to the Church? I despise established religion. Gunnar í Krossinum is a piece of shit and so is anyone monetising people’s desperation.

Roots (Love, Lust and Greed)
On April 29th of 2016, I tried to hang myself. I was undiagnosed with depression and severe anxiety and this resulted in a manic episode. This song is about the journey leading up to that, and how pathetic and helpless I felt afterwards. I still feel like shit sometimes, but I know what’s wrong and that’s a big part of getting better.

The curtain call. While it is obvious we’re angry, we’re writing to the older people of the world, the ones responsible for messing this place up with dated ideas. Go vegan. Fuck the meat industry. Thanks for having us.

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