From Iceland — Track by Track: 'GKR' by GKR

Track by Track: ‘GKR’ by GKR

Published December 11, 2016

Track by Track: ‘GKR’ by GKR

Icelandic rapper GKR released ‘GKR’ last month, a formidable collection of tracks. Here are his thoughts on the album.


Produced by Smokygotbeatz, the first track starts with strings by Högni Egilsson from Hjaltalin, who I share a studio in Grandi with, alongside marteinn and Tiny from Quarashi. The track starts with “ég kem til bjargar fyrir þá sem þurfa á því að halda” – I come to the rescue for those who need it. It could be interpersonally, or just through the lyrics. The track is about my struggles with myself, about helping others, drawing lines between myself and others, welcoming people, but on certain terms.


This track is about getting my dues, I’ve been putting in the hours, working in the studio past midnight. Talking about the day it’ll all pay off. I’m also talking about feeling above others, envy and greed, both reminding myself and others to keep the feet planted on the floor. Produced by BNJMN


This is a cover of the Vaginaboys track of the same name. I made it with Stefan Ívars, MSTRO. The first verse is about rejection, about being a bit of a cliché, about the anger and frustration. The second verse is more about being sincere, about valuing someone, about seeing the interesting things.


If the album is a journey, this one’s the nightmare track. The anger. The self loathing. Arguing with the one you love. About tripping up. About losing everything. About looking up at the stars, and disappearing – which is a reference to one of my first tracks, “Hverfum”. I talk about my father, who I refer to as “the flying dutchman”. I don’t remember him, I haven’t met him since I was one year old. He’s dutch, I’m half dutch. Maybe I’m also the flying dutchman. I want to fly out of this world. The track becomes an explosion of anger, ending up in a big fuck-it, to all the lost energy, the unreliable people, all these things that hurt and distract you from where you’re heading. Prod. by Marteinn!


We segue from the nightmare to the dream. Based on a beautiful looping sample, this track is about taking all the hopelessness, not feeling like getting out of bed in the morning, and bailing on that. Throw out the foul milk in the fridge, open up a new one. Get out of bed, have some lovely breakfast, and go do your thing. Do what you want, do it well, wake up happy. Produced by Purpdogg

This is a funny segue. It’s about last year’s success with “Morgunmatur,” about being talked about. Prd. by Marteinn!

LIFA LÍFINU (Bonus track)

This one is about living your life. Taking chances. Enjoying it. It’s a super positive track, with a fat beat. I wasn’t sure about it, so I made it a bonus track. I’m really happy I put it in there now, it helps the flow, and I just love it.


It’s about a bunch of different feelings. It’s not about any one thing. It’s filled with funny lines and stories. Stuff like waking up my mom in the middle of the night because I couldn’t stop freestyling, practicing in my room. I was whispering, but she woke up anyway. She was furious. It’s all a bit random. It’s different from other icelandic hip-hop tracks.

More. Wanting more. Everyone wants more. More peace. More sex. More booze. You know the feeling. More. Produced by Marteinn!

‘GKR’ by GKR is out now. Cop the album here or visit your local corner store. 

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