From Iceland — Readers Write: Dear Nuclear Weapon Scientists

Readers Write: Dear Nuclear Weapon Scientists

Published June 15, 2017

Readers Write: Dear Nuclear Weapon Scientists

Dear Nuclear Weapon Scientists,

I have some doubts that need to be addressed for the sake of science. In my view “I have nuclear weapons” is a wrong sentence to our world. According to our religious faith, even God also wanted to live on Earth, so why we should destroy our Earth? As we all know, after millions of year struggle we reached caves house to granite house. If we will not control the present pollutions of our Earth, the labour of our forefathers will destroy. By the help of science, is our world is trying to end its continuity or start its life? We are in which stage? As per nuclear weapon testing and dropping (at the time of war), both harm living things including human beings, directly or indirectly. Isn’t it? Is there space crafts to shift trillions of human beings into the new invented planet? Is there also any facility to shift the trillions of plants, animals, microorganisms to that planet to maintain the ecological balance? This is a special request to the entire (world) news channel on the behalf of me to ask these above questions to nuclear weapon scientists.

Thanking You,
Sanjay Kumar Patnaik

Dear Sanjay,

We feel you. Countless times have we stumbled upon these questions at the end of a long, booze-fuelled night. Sensing urgency, we must state however that we are not nuclear experts (I mean some of us studied chemistry at school, but it ends there). On a level, your letter is refreshing and we feel pretty special to have been selected as one of the chosen ones. We took your request very seriously and called Costco to see if they had any spacecrafts for sale (capacity: trillions). I’m afraid it’s bad news.

The struggle is real,
The Reykjavík Grapevine

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